Flexible Pricing to meet you where you're at.

Build your stable 100k+ passion business with the best tools from the tech

startup world brought to the lifestyle startup sector in DIY and DFY models.


Our Pricing: What options you got and whom they are for

In Summary:

  1. Ecosystem: To feel out the community, to educate yourself with an ever-growing curated first-time founder resource library, and to get full access to our all-in-one sales and marketing software. Best if you just want to tip your toes, meet like-minded folks, and prepare your mindset for getting started. Also can be used as a fall-back plan after completing the program to continue using our software and community benefits.

  2. ProgramDIY: To go through our highly practical and tightly guided practical 4-step process on your own. Best if you feel confident, motivated, and got time on your hand to follow through. Possibilities for add-on packages to boost support.

  3. ProgramDFY: To go through our 4-step process with a dedicated account manager that joins you as a temporary co-founder and consults, coaches, AND implements major tasks so you can remain working full-time and keep a sense of work-life balance whist we figure out and ramp up your business for you.

  4. ProgramDFY+: To also significantly boost your energy levels and personal growth with 12 monthly life coaching sessions and to get more experienced expert eyes on your business for key decision milestones. Best for creating a holistic life transformation and for those that want our maximum support.


Full Program


By Phase



Save 35% with Annual Plan

  • Community Chat Access

  • Weekly Challenges

  • Monthly Expert Masterclasses

  • Community Networking Tool

  • All-In-One Marketing & Sales Software Access



Save 38% with Full Program

*If you upgrade to "full program" within 3 months of purchasing Phase 1, then we will deduct the sum you paid from the Full Program Pricing (eg €988-€397=€591)

  • Same As Ecosystem


  • On-Demand Program (1 Phase of Choice or Full Program)

  • Monthly Q&A Calls

  • Quarterly Digital Live Events To Boost Energy & Progress (Full Program Purchases Only)

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Advisory Board

  • Mindset & Health COaching Support



+35% of End-of-Year1-Sales

+5/4/3/2/1% of End-of-Year2-6

  • Same as DIY


  • Phase-specific creation & implementation of key deliverables, led and executed by MettaStartup Studio

  • Private WhatsApp with dedicated Business Coach

  • Continuous consulting and brainstorm support with CO-founder team spirit



+35% of End-of-Year1-Sales

+5% of End-of-Year2&3-Sales

  • Same as DFY


  • 12x 60min (Monthly) Coaching Sessions

  • 1x Personalized Holistic Health Plan by Experts

  • Personal Advisory Board Input for Key Milestones

  • Premium Web Design in Webflow

I love the all-in-one software they provide. Took away the headache of researching and learning at least 4-5 other tools I would've needed in my case. Also whenever I had questions they go above and beyond to help me understand and solve my questions. Being able to be part of their community made me feel less alone as most of my friends and family aren't entrepreneurs and often don't understand me. I also really enjoy the raw and authentic masterclasses to learn about new aspects of running a business.

Jessica, Strategy & Ops Mgr, Google

Well structured, thought of details, templates and exercises were practical and helpful. Feel like I grew a ton of entrepreneur knowledge in a relatively short amount of time working with it. Even in the DIY route I still had direct access to Carsten & Olga in Q&A calls and was able to contact mentors to support when a certain topic arose that i didn't have much upfront knowledge on and felt stuck in. It was perfect for keeping me from overthinking and guiding my process step by step as I was off a sabbatical working on starting my business for the first time.

Martin, Yoga Teacher, Self-Employed

Still can't believe they did this much work for me consulting and implementing steps toward my first own business for such a price. It's a nobrainer if you want to start any business but still work full-time and don't want to sacrifice your work-life balance. With 2 kids the latter was very important for me and I don't think I could've or would've started anything without Olgas and Carstens support. They have so much knowledge and care so much. It was a real team work and I feel I learned so much along the way. Still in my corporate job and still working with them in rent-a-cofounder now as we're working on stabilzing sales but even when i step out i'll stay with them if they allow it haha.

Anna, Account Manager, Amazon

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What happens after I sign up & how to plan for program participation?

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Is this for me and will I be able to pull this off?

Anticipate all potential doubts they may have about YOU.

Highlight your relevant expertise and authority to make them feel safe about trusting you.

Re-iterate a relevant testimonial.

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What methodologies do you use and why they make sense for a first-time startup journey?

Anticipate all potential doubts they may have about your product/service.

Demonstrate how your methodologies are proven and all other research that supports your offer.

Re-iterate a relevant testimonial.

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Where do you take your expertise from to put this service together?

Anticipate all potential doubts they may have about themselves to be able to achieve their goals with your help.

Explain how product/service is easy to use and allows anyone to achieve results.

Re-iterate a relevant testimonial.

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How much time will I need to invest & will I be able to manage?

Anticipate the reasons for why your ICP may say "I don't have the time for this" and explain how little time invest is actually needed or giving strategies of how to create time).

Re-iterate a relevant testimonial.

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Money is tight right now, is it really worth it?

Anticipate the reasons for why your ICP may say "I don't have the money for this" and explain how they do have the money for this or how they can create/save the money very easily.

Re-iterate a relevant testimonial.

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When is it the right time to do this?

Anticipate the reasons for why your ICP may say "I have relationship obligations" and explain their thought error (eg how doing this will actually improve the relationship) or give strategies for how they can alternatively manage those relationships.

Re-iterate a relevant testimonial.

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Are there any guarantees?

Explain what, if any, guarantees you offer.

eg what they will have in their hands at the end no matter what

eg $ back

eg free support beyond

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I am impressed how they made this complex startup journey so simple for me and how I could learn along the way. Even started liking the idea of selling which was unthinkable for me before and a big doubt about whether or not I could really run a business.

Kate, HR Manager, Wayfair

Even just testing my first service after initial interviews I made almost six thousand euros basically paying for my program with them entirely already after just 3 months. im a professional life coach and can highly recommend this to any fellow coach immediately. As the founders are also coaches, they had so much knowledge and tips that made me feel safe and confident about the work with them.

Tom, Life Coach, Self-Employed